Hand Turned Cherry Bowl

Mead Meadow

Hand Turned Cherry Bowl

This is a handcrafted work of art. Perfect for fruit or salad, this is an heirloom that will improve with age and bring joy with every use. The bowl was created and signed by Carl Winter, a New England craftsman with thirty years of experience perfecting his artistry on the lathe.

Width:  8.5"

Depth:  3.50"

Wood:   Cherry

Compare the etching and design that goes into each Carl Winter bowl and the mastery of his trade will be clearly evident. The scalloping, the darker rings that look painted but are actually burned into the wood, the flair between the rings all speak to a product that is unique, beautiful and useful. This bowl is finished and buffed to perfection with an FDA compliant food safe Watco Butcher Block oil. Apply mineral oil or olive oil after use. Do not use in microwave or dishwasher.

When acquiring a beautiful heirloom, why not have the best.

$ 250.00